About LVU
LVU was officially sanctioned by the United States Youth Soccer Association 3 years ago: The first soccer club of its kind in Northeast PA.  Instill a pride in working harder and with a more deliberate purpose, and you will begin to understand what it means to play for LVU.  LVU is constantly evolving and improving to keep up with the dynamic climate that currently exists in youth soccer in the United States, yet its principles remain the same - respect for players, officials, and the game of soccer while fostering an attitude of self-improvement, accountability, self and community awareness, empathy, and hard work.
All of these are important in developing an inquisitive intellect, strong body, and a pursuit to serve others. Key components a young person must achieve in order to develop the character necessary to be a strong and positive force in athletic and academic communities and life.
 "LVU strives to create an athletic, academic, and social awareness in each of its players. These are the qualities that will best serve them in a college atmosphere and beyond.” Greg Ramos, LVU Executive Director of Soccer Operations
The Lehigh Valley United F.C. Philoshophy
 The Lehigh Valley United soccer club has a philosophy of developing high quality soccer players who love the game, have respect for fellow players and have an appreciation for world class performances. Winning attitudes are encouraged in an atmosphere of fair play and hard work; all within the governing rules and the spirit of the game.