Lehigh Valley Recreation Soccer League


 Information about LVR Soccer League 

Questions: info@lehighvalleyunited. com 


The purpose of LVR is to provide a recreational based soccer program that is directed by experienced staff and coached by trained parent volunteers.  The goal of LVR is to be the largest most comprehensive recreational soccer program in the Lehigh Valley.  The curriculum will be user friendly and easy to follow for volunteer coaches and is progression based to foster appropriate development.  All volunteer coaches will be trained by the LVR staff and age group coordinators will be on site to offer assistance and expertise.   

In order for LVR to achieve those outcomes we need parents to volunteer.  No experience is necessary and we will provide all parents with the opportunity to be trained as well as have access to a coaching tool that will make your life easier.

Volunteer Roles:  (Please enter your desired Volunteer Role request in the Comments Section of Registration)

  • Head Coach (Each week, you will be emailed your practice plan along with animated videos of each session.  The only prep required will be opening your email, reading the practice plan, watching the video and printing it off for Saturday morning.  This should take about 10-15 minutes. We will also provide you with on-site experienced directors for each age group to assist you if needed.  Our goal is to make this experience as enjoyable for you as it is for the kids.)
  • Assistant Coach
  • Manager (responsible for emergency contact list and communication)
  • Ice (responsible for ice and bags every Saturday)
  • First Aid Kit (responsible for basic first aid kit, gauze, bandaids, antiseptic etc)
  • Refreshments (responsible for a refreshing and healthy treat after games)
  • Goals (responsible for the setting up and breaking down of goals)
  • Equipment (responsible for the distribution and collection of balls, pinnies and markers)
  • Coordinator (responsible for coordinating all the volunteer assignments weekly)
  • Photographer (responsible for pictures of kids playing soccer and submitting them to webmaster)
  • Crowd Control (responsible for the enthusiasm and positive communication from the sidelines)
  • Goal Celebrator (responsible for the cheering of any goals scored during games)
  • Pass Celebrator (responsible for cheering any player who successfully passes to someone on same team)
  • Litter Control (responsible for any litter left on the field following the games)
  • Coach Advocate (responsible for making sure coaches are appreciated and supported)