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Facility Rental

Lehigh Valley United is proud to offer our Turf and Futsal courts as a rental space for team activities, games, and tournaments, general use, or for parties and celebrations. With Turf Fields of multiple sizes perfect for all types of sports and activities, we are sure our facilities can meet your needs. For full rental pricing and information, check out the chart below.

Location Field Type* Apprx. Field Dimensions (LxW) Cost
Lou Ramos Center Turf 38 x 23 yds $150/hr
Lou Ramos Center Turf 27 x 17 yds $125/hr

*Players may wear either Cleats OR Turf Shoes/Sneakers on our Turf Surfaces (cleats are generally recommended.) Players may ONLY wear Turf Shoes/Sneakers on the Futsal Courts.

  • No Spitting
  • No Food & Drink on the field
  • Renters should provide balls, gear, etc.
Facility Rental Booking

To book a rental, contact Rental Manager Trevor Keys  at 484-866-7416