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Facility Rental

Lehigh Valley United is proud to offer our Turf and Futsal courts as a rental space for team activities, games and tournaments, general use, or for parties and celebrations. With Turf Fields of multiple sizes and 3 Futsal Courts with a solid SportCourtâ„¢ surface perfect for all types of sports and activities, we are sure to have a facility to meet your needs. For full rental pricing and information, check out the chart below or contact Sky Rimmele at the information below.

Location Field Type* Field Dimensions (LxW) Peak Cost (Before 9PM) Off Peak Cost (After 9 PM)
Turff Club (Full) Turf 140' x 100' $175/hr $150/hr
Turff Club (Half) Turf 70' x 100' $125/hr $100/hr
Lou Ramos Center Turf 110' x 70' $150/hr $125/hr
Lou Ramos Center Futsal 80' x 50' $100/hr $75/hr

*Players may wear either Cleats OR Turf Shoes/Sneakers on our Turf Surfaces (cleats are generally recommended.) Players may ONLY wear Turf Shoes/Sneakers on the Futsal Courts.

  • No Spitting
  • No Food & Drink on the field
  • Renters should provide balls, gear, etc.
  • No Hitting the Cieling (Turff Club)
Facility Rental Booking

To book at rental, contact our Rental Manager Sky Rimmele at or call/text him at (908) 268-5852.