2014-2015 LVU College Seminars!

LVU Administration recognizes that the college search process is daunting enough without the added rules and regulations sourrounding college athletics. In an effort to help our players and parents navigate the information and best perpare themselves to be successful academically as well as athletically, we are please to announce the first seminar in our College Bound Athlete series:

Seminar Information

Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Location: Lehigh University Sherman Fairchild-Martindale Center Building (#16 on Map) Lewis Lab #270

Lehigh University Map


For Students Entering Their Freshman and Sophomore Years: This session will be focused on helping rising freshmen and sophomores begin thinking about college, course selection in high school, recruiting and how to contact coaches.


All High School Students: Navigating the Financial Aid and Scholarship Road: Myths and Facts


All High School Students: Questions about recruiting process

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For any questions, please contact Dean Koski at dkoski@lehighvalleyunited.com