Last Chance to Order LVU 2019-2020 Uniforms!

LVU 2019-2020 Last Chance Uniform Order!
We have re-opened the LVU Uniform Order Link for one last chance for any players who have not yet ordered uniforms to do so!
The order deadline is Monday, July15th @ Midnight so make sure to order soon!
Most items & sizes are available at Soccer Magic in Whitehall if you would like to try on and size items before purchase. Once ordered, Uniform distribution will be handled by your LVU Coach/Team Manager.
Important Note for Goalkeepers: Please purchase the standard LVU Team Uniform, and the club will be purchasing Goalkeeping Jerseys for all teams.
For any questions or issues with uniform ordering, please contact Misha at Soccer Magic using the details below!

Soccer Magic - 1050 Schadt Ave, Whitehall, PA 18052