LVU Player and WHS Student Aziz Atiyeh Receives Prestigious Eisenhower Award!

LVU is proud to announce that current player and WHS Aziz Atiyeh has received the prestigious Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Character Award at Whitehall High Scool. We are extremely proud of him as a representative of the club and the values we stand for, and congratulate him on this important accolade!

Each year, the Lehigh Valley chapter of the West Point Society presents the Dwight D. Eisenhower Leadership Character Award to an outstanding junior at Whitehall High School. Mike Tauber, a Whitehall and West Point graduate, presented the certificate on behalf of the West Point Society.

“This certificate recognizes high school juniors who demonstrated the leadership and character that comes with individual achievement while helping others attain their goals,” Tauber said.


Atiyeh was selected by the faculty and staff of Whitehall High School. Linda MacGill, a high school guidance counselor, described Atiyeh as a student who distinguished himself as a person of excellent character, scholarship, athleticism and patriotism while demonstrating concern for others.

Atiyeh participates in several clubs and activities where he is a standout leader. In addition to his team activities at Lehigh Valley United, Atiyeh is part of the cadre of students who assist freshmen to better acclimate to the high school and their classroom learning. Atiyeh also plays on the varsity volleyball team for the high school, ranks high in his academic achievements, and is enrolled in a rigorous curriculum. Atiyeh’s name will be added to a plaque with other award winners.

The Whitehall Chorale, under the direction of Edward Hong, opened the ceremony with a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner." In addition to Whitehall Chorale, guests included Superintendent Dr. Lorie Hackett, Principal Nate Davidson and Assistant Principals Heather Hampton, Alicia Knauff and Gabe Dillard. Dr. Barbara Chomik, director of curriculum and education, also attended the event.