Sports Performance Kicks Soccer Training to the Next Level

Soccer training programs often emphasize physical qualities needed to perform a soccer specific skill, such as kicking, dribbling, or passing the ball with the foot. SLUHN Sports Performance Training takes it to the next level by applying a functional approach to preparing soccer athletes for practice and competition through the development of appropriate power, agility, speed and strength.

Additional attributes such as dynamic mobility, flexibility and soccer specific metabolic energy system development will be included in the SLUHN program. SLUHN Sports Performance Training also addresses that fact that soccer occurs in a frenzied and erratic environment, and prepares the athlete for these conditions.

SLUHN Sports Performance Training combines a skilled coach [College-Degreed, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)], using their knowledge base to provide a comprehensive analysis of the athlete’s performance levels with training protocols that are especially designed to enhance an athlete’s overall soccer athleticism and training the neuromuscular system to respond with greater speed and precision.

SLUHN Sports Performance Training can be a contributing factor in reducing the likelihood of injury through the development of dynamic flexibility and mobility, strength and stability, and the functional development of proper movement technique.

SLUHN Sports Performance Training involves the use of scientifically proven training methods to enhance soccer performance by focusing on the following components:

Strength & Power: The maximal force that a muscle or muscle group can generate with velocity.

Agility: The ability to accelerate, decelerate and change direction quickly while maintaining good body control without decreasing speed.

Speed: The maximum rate of acceleration and movement velocity.

Metabolic development: Development of energy systems necessary to replenish energy requirements for optimal soccer performance.

Injury prevention: Prevention of acute and overuse injuries through the use of performance testing and soccer specific power, agility, plyometric and speed training.

Recuperation: Ability of an athlete to adapt to the physiological stress of training, resulting in enhanced soccer performance.

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