St. Luke's Sports Testing For LVU Players - January 20th!

Reminder to LVU Teams: The St. Luke's Performance Testing for all teams will be held on Saturday, January 20th at the Lou Ramos Center. This Performance Testing helps to establish player baseline levels and evaluate players across their team and age group, and provides helpful information to trainers helping players to recover. For a little more insight on the benefits of this Performance Testing, check out the article on LVU Player Jake van Lierop and his road to recovery, using the information gleaned from Sports Performance Testing.

St. Luke's Extraordinary Athlete Comes Back Strong Following a Knee Injury

All testing will take place at the Lou Ramos Center on Saturday, January 20th, in two different shifts. Please check below for your team's time assignment. Any teams or players unable to attend this Testing will need to attend the make-up testing on February 3rd, at the Turff Club.

St. Luke's Performance Testing Schedule

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
2007 Boys Black - McIntyre 2003 Boys Black - Adlard 
2007 Girls Black - Ramos 2003 Boys Blue - Larimer
2006/07 DA - Ramos/Garcia 2002 Boys Black - Koski
2006 Girls Black - Valimont 2002 Girls Black - Oudin
2005 DA - Adlard 2002 Girls Blue - Vercillo
2005 Girls Black - Valimont 2001 Boys Black - Adlard
2004 DA - Ramos 2001 Girls Black - Oudin
2004 Boys Blue - Garcia 2000 Boys Black - Gorni
2004 Girls Black - Oudin 2000 Boys Blue - Devia