LVU Girls Tryouts

All players, new and returning, wishing to tryout for an LVU Team must pre-register and pre-pay online.

Tryouts and Registration

2018-2019 LVU Tryouts

Lehigh Valley United will be hosting pre-tryout I.D. events in early March in advance of official tryouts starting later in the year. For full information on the LVU Pre-Tryout I.D. Sessions and a chance for early evaluations, visit the website article below:

2018 LVU Pre-Tryout I.D. Sessions

2017-2018 Rolling evaluations

Lehigh Valley United has concluded our 2017-2018 Tryouts. LVU is a very competitive club and is always searching for top quality players, and offers rolling admissions on an individual basis for players seeking to join a team after the conclusion of tryouts. If you are seeking to join a Lehigh Valley United team for the 2017-2018 Soccer Season, please contact Niko Stefanides at