LVU Juniors Academy

LVU Juniors Academy Philosophy

The Lehigh Valley United Juniors Academy program is dedicated to the overall development of the player in a professionally run atmosphere. We recognize that the Juniors Level is the first and most important stage in structuring player development and offer Professional Coaching at each age group. In this program, all players are accepted and no player is turned away based on age or ability base. The coaching staff will be focused on nurturing technical sophistication on the ball, motor skills, and early development of soccer awareness. It instills the love and passion for the sport through the methods of guided discovery. 

We stress the importance of leadership, attitude, professionalism, team unity, work rate, and sportsmanship as some of the core values that will be introduced throughout the player’s career at LVU.  

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  Location Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Winter Lou Ramos Center

5:00-6:00 pm


      2017/ 2018s    
  Lou Ramos Center 6:00-7:00         2016s    

Training Dates:

  • April - 5, 12, 19, 26
  • May - 3, 17, 31
  • Jun - 7


LVU "Little" Juniors Academy

The Little Juniors program will be age-appropriate and designed to meet the physical, social, and developmental abilities of children age 2-5 years old. For most children, this will be their introduction into the beautiful game. Our professional-level coaches will be there to provide the children and families the fundamentals of the sport of soccer. 
*When registering, please make sure to select the desired option from the drop-down menu under "Team Name.'

Little Juniors: 2-5 years

Parent/Caregiver participation is required.
This class is aimed to introduce soccer in a fun and energetic way while developing children’s confidence with the soccer ball at their feet.  Our coaches will be working to improve children’s overall body movement, balance, hand-eye, and foot-eye coordination in a supportive and educational environment. Children will be given the tools and experience to separate from their parents/caregivers and will be taught the basics of gameplay, positioning, and ball skills with the opportunity to run, play and work as a team. Coaches will continue to work and challenge the children to improve body movement, balance, hand-eye, and foot-eye coordination. 

This program has been delayed to get more participants! More information will be posted soon!

Coaching Staff

The LVU Juniors Coaching Staff consists of experienced soccer players and coaches, many of whom are professionally liscenced. As a result, the cost of the Juniors Academy program is significantly higher than that of local rec programs, who host a variety of parent volunteers. Our staff coaches are all paid for their time coaching each season.