Volunteer Opportunities

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Donna Bassett (610) 295-3958, donnagbslsoccer@gmail.com

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any community organization, and this is especially true at GBSL. We believe that soccer should be for everyone - not just those who can afford the registration fee, fundraiser buy-outs, uniform purchases, and tournament fees. We go to extraordinary lengths to avoid those obnoxious fundraisers and keep the cost you pay to an absolute minimum.

GBSL needs your talent this year and beyond!

Volunteer here

Coach/Assistant Coach - Management and oversight of team games and practices (*most important position)

Operations ManagerManagement and oversight of pre, during, and post-season operations.

Equipment Manager(s) Seeking several individuals for the upcoming season to be at the trailer before each session and at the session close to assist with equipment needs such as loading/unloading the trailer and fielding coach/parent questions. This position can be done and you can still catch most of your kid's session! Minimum 2 sessions per season commitment.

Field ManagerPre Season: Schedule and pick up/return box truck rental for goal transport and supervise Field Prep volunteers the day before opening day. During season: Primary point of contact with Lehigh University regarding field conditions, communication of adverse weather session cancellations determined by Lehigh University and/or GBSL Operations Manager. Last Session Date: Schedule and pick up/return box truck rental for goal transport and supervise volunteers in the process of gathering and putting away goals.

Photo Day CoordinatorPrimary point of contact for setup of Photo date and coordination with Bishop Photo. Assist with pre-season photo form distribution and subsequent picture distribution. On photo day, primary contact for volunteers, photographers, and coaches if any questions. (Volunteers will be provided)

Community Service CoordinatorPrimary point of contact for Junior Volunteers and verification/communication with School Districts. Includes pre-season correspondence, during-season hours sign-off/paperwork management and scheduling, and end-of-season follow-up.

Soccer Day AssistantAssist Soccer Day Coordinator with= Soccer Day Event. Prior to the event: pre-event preparations, including ordering, vendor communications, Goody Bag Assembly. During Event: Presence and availability during event, and coordination of volunteers for setup, during event help, and clean up. This is a fun and relatively easy job. The event runs like a well-oiled machine.

Soda Distribution CoordinatorCall or Email volunteers weekly 1 week in advance from the pre-established list to schedule post-session soda distribution from week to week. 2-3 volunteers per week are needed. A volunteer coordinator will provide names/info of people who expressed interest. THIS POSITION CAN BE DONE FROM HOME- No need to report on session days.

Web Site/Media AdministratorPre Season Website setup, Make updates throughout the season, as needed. THIS POSITION CAN BE DONE FROM HOME.


Please contact Donna Bassett @ 610-295-3958 or

donnagbslsoccer@gmail.com if you can help!!