LVU Boys Tryouts

All players, new and returning, wishing to tryout for an LVU Team must pre-register and pre-pay online.

Tryouts and Registration

    Tryouts and registration

    We are excited to announce our 2021-2022 LVU Tryouts! Please use the registration button below to register for your respective age group. 

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    Please use the following table as a guide for your specific tryout dates and locations!

    *These dates and times are subject to change so make sure to continue checking on your respective age groups

    Date Time Age Groups Location
    4/19 6:15pm

    2013 Boys 

    Whitehall Soccer Stadium

    2012 Boys 

    2011 Girls 


    6:00pm 2011 Boys  Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    6:00pm 2003 Boys  Chrin Community Center 
    7:15pm 2004 Boys 

    2010 Boys 

    2010 Girls

    Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    4/21 6:00pm 2008 Boys  Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    7:30pm 2007 Boys 
    4/22 6:00pm

    2009 Boys 

    Whitehall Soccer Stadium

    2009 Girls

    2008 Girls 

    4/26 5:30pm 2012 Boys Lou Ramos Center
    6:30pm 2013 Boys

    2011 Boys 

    2011 Girls 

    Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    7:30pm 2010 Boys  Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    6:00pm 2009 Boys Whitehall Soccer Stadium

    2009 Girls 

    2008 Girls 

    Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    4/29 5:30pm 2007 Boys Lehigh County Fields (#7,8)
    7:30pm 2008 Boys  Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    4/30 6:00pm

    2012/2013 Girls

    2010 Girls

    Whitehall Soccer Stadium
    5/3 7:15pm 2005/2006 Boys  Chrin Community Center 
    5/4 6:00pm 2004 Girls Lehigh County Fields (#8)
    6:00pm 2003 Boys Chrin Community Center 
    7:15pm 2004 Boys 
    5/10 7:15pm 2005/2006 Boys  Chrin Community Center 
    5/11 6:00pm

    2004 Girls 

    Lehigh County Fields (#8)



    Interested Player FormFor those interested in joining a team please click the link below to fill out the Interested Player Form:

    LVU parent testimonial

    Here’s some of what I have observed over Christopher’s 5-year LVU experience:

    1. Superior Training — The competency of Chris’s coaches  is unquestionably and uniformly excellent. He has had no less than half a dozen coaches at LVU (partly because he’s received some specialty training as a goalkeeper).  Each coach has demonstrated a high level of commitment to excellence in coaching. They’ve taken the time and effort to obtain higher-level USSF licensing (even if soccer parents have no idea what an A, B, or C license means).  They come to each practice or training time with a plan for individual player development.  And their methods work!  Chris’s performance has improved tremendously over the years.
    2. Character-Based Coaching — At LVU Christopher has observed not only effective coaches but effective adult role models; as parents of three boys, this is a particularly high value for Karen (my wife) and I
    3. Game-Changing Field Time — Significant winter training time is absolutely vital to player development, and every club promises it; LVU actually provides it—several times a week, every week, from late November to late March.  The extra touches add up!  Players can’t get a better opportunity to develop their soccer-playing ability than by playing at LVU.
    4. Vision-Casting — Every parent wants to expose their child to activities that capture their child’s imagination and encourage him or her to set high goals, develop discipline, work hard and smart, and achieve.   Christopher’s LVU coaches have given him a vision for achievement and challenged him to grow in important areas.
    5. The Immeasurable Joy of “Team” — The soccer world is amazing; it’s one of those communities where you play with and against players who you meet again and again over years.  Some of those players end up becoming lifelong friends as you participate together and see one another overcome adversity and share goals.  Years later, you still cheer at your old teammates’ achievements.  My son has begun to develop those kind of friendships at LVU.

    - Former LVU Parent, Chip Buck

    *Online Registration helps to save time and keep things effecient on the night of tryouts. On-Site registrations will incur an additional $5 fee.