Lehigh University Goodman Campus

123 Goodman Drive, Bethlehem, PA

Starting Address

Ex. Lehigh Valley, PA

Additional Information

Location Details

Please see map for updated locations for LVU Field Use and Parking.

  • Lehigh respectfully asks that we all park in designated parking spaces and areas for drop of and pick up.  This also includes coaches.  Please do not drop off or pick up in front of the complex along Goodman Drive.
  • You may use Cundey Parking lot, Stabler parking lot and the parking spaces along Goodman Drive for pick up and drop off.  Parents are asked not to park or idle in the quad area in front of Rauch Fieldhouse and Stabler Arena.
  • Campus Police has asked that we do not pick up and drop off in front of Ulrich and that coaches, including Lehigh coaching staff, do not park in front of Ulrich.  Tickets will be issued.
  • While this is a minor inconvenience for all of us, including coaches, your cooperation is needed. Thank you.