LVU Accepted into ECNL Boys Competitive Platform

Lehigh Valley United Boys Accepted into ECNL!

LVU announces acceptance into the ECNL Boys’ competitive platform beginning in the 2022-23 season!

“As both President of Lehigh Valley United (LVU) and Lehigh Men’s Soccer Coach, I am keenly aware of ECNL’s commitment to the College Pathway,” explains Dean Koski. “After attending ECNL’s regional and national events the past 5 years, it is increasingly evident to me that ECNL offers the highest level of play, outstanding venues for regional and national events and the best competitive platform for players to be scouted by college coaches, all while still being able to play for their High School soccer programs."  

League competition is designed to be a club vs. club model on weekends, fostering a comprehensive and practical format, enabling our coaches and technical directors to collaborate and enhance the game day environment, as well as allowing parents with multiple kids playing within ECNL teams to be at the same location for home and away games. 

Equally as important, ECNL's regional and national events will provide far more exposure to college scouts at our Zone 2 College Pathway age groups.

“While we are excited to be playing in the ECNL Boys league and tournaments, we are committed to achieving the same with our girl’s program,” offers Koski.  “Currently, ECNL requires an elite girls’ team at every age group, and LVU is working hard to ensure we meet all thresholds and requirements in the not too distant future."

"ECNL awarding us this membership is an honor and validation of LVU's excellence over the last two decades, and a sign of even greater things to come."

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